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Projects are currently underway that will deliver reliable, high-speed Internet access to 99.99%* of homes and businesses across the province. We believe Nova Scotia will be among the first provinces in Canada to reach this level of coverage.

As of early February 2024, approximately 94,300 homes and businesses have been connected through the initiative and have access either through traditional Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative projects or the Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program. To date, we have 97.5% coverage with access to connections happening regularly, close to 99.9% with satellite option. Access to connections happening regularly.

Approximately 103,000 homes and businesses were identified as underserved when the Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative project started. This means approximately 75% had access at that time.

In November, 2022, the Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program expanded to additional homes and businesses that currently don’t have access to high-speed internet. This includes those in a current project area, not yet complete. The rebate, which continues into 2024, will cover the one-time costs for eligible homes and businesses to set-up satellite internet, including hardware, taxes, shipping and installation, up to a maximum of $1,000.

The rebate also remains available to the approximate 3,700 homes and businesses for which no feasible wired or wireless internet solution has been found as well as addresses previously identified as not receiving high-speed access until after the end of 2023.

To date, the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust has approved a total of $184.9M, leveraging an additional $189.7M from other funders, including $138.8M from the private sector. The Province invested an additional $8.5M for the satellite rebate program, through the Trust.

All projects approved to date for funding by the Trust provide at least target speeds required by the CRTC (50 Mbps down/10 Mbps up for wired, 25 Mbps down/5 Mbps up for wireless, with a demonstrated plan to reach 50 Mbps). Many are greatly exceeding these speeds.

*Assumes completion of Pictou County’s independent project. Reflects knowledge there may be some premises that cannot be reached overall.

While many projects are complete or substantially complete, the completion of some project areas has shifted into 2024. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

We continue to look at options to advance projects where possible and work to eliminate red tape, speed-up regulatory approvals and ensure better coordination among all of the people working to bring service to your doors.

We are committed to providing access to as close to 100% of Nova Scotian homes and businesses as possible.

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Project Zones

For more information on projects in your community, select your region below. Click here for a full version of our zoning map for this project. Or enter your community name in the search bar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current update including timelines?

Excellent progress has been made as the original goal of 95% coverage has been surpassed. To date, we currently have 97.5% coverage with access to connections continuing to happen regularly. With the Satellite Internet Service Rebate, access is available to close to 100% of Nova Scotians.

While most projects are complete or substantially complete, remaining project areas have shifted into 2024 as result of added challenges including Post-Fiona restoration efforts, resulting in temporary shifts of resources by providers and partners from the overall project. This event, and more recent damage related to floodings, hurricanes and wildfires, required resources to be redirected, and further impacted required make ready work. Winter and wind storms for example can also require crews to be relocated for repairs/bring essential services back online.

The types and volume of make ready work – which can include such items as pole inspection/replacements, additional tree trimming and permits to access areas - can vary and take additional time for all of the pieces to come together. There are also seasonal impacts such as weight restrictions on some roads and woodpeckers that damage poles.

Bell has completed or will have completed 69 projects (59,000 estimated civic addresses ), most of which are large scale projects. Approximately 10,000 remaining civic addresses are anticipated to be completed in 2024.

Eastlink has or will have completed 8 of its projects (70 estimated civic addresses), all of which reach into smaller, harder to reach areas. The remaining 222 civic addresses are expected to be completed in 2024.

Build Nova Scotia continues to work closely with all partners to mitigate challenges in the project delivery wherever possible.

Project pages will be updated to reflect project changes, main reasons for any shifts, and periodic information as the remaining projects progress.

What is the coverage to date?

When the project started, there were approximately 103,000 underserved locations across the province. As of early February 2024, approximately 94,300 homes and businesses have access to connections through the initiative and have access either through traditional Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative projects or the Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program.

To date, we have 97.5% coverage with access to connections happening regularly. Access to connections continue to happen regularly. With the Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program, access is available to close to 100%.

The Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative has met, and exceeded, the original goal to bring high-speed internet to 95% of underserved homes and businesses.

What do these shifts look like?

Here is a snapshot look at where we were as of early January 2024.

  • Approximately 103,000 underserved locations were identified at the project start
  • 92,100 homes and businesses have access to date
  • 10,500 remaining underserved locations to have access to connections in 2024
  • Remaining civics would have StarLink (high-speed satellite) as their option. The Satellite Rebate Program continues into 2024 and also provides an interim option for those in a current project area.

Updated 2024 Numbers

Here is a general breakdown as of early January 2024–

    • January-March– 18 projects (2534 civics)
    • April-June – 15 projects (4484 civics)
    • July-September – 7 projects (1872 civics)
    • October-December – 5 projects (1365 civics)

Addresses in some of these project areas already have access and the three month windows are anticipated for the overall project area. Individual addresses often have access before the full project area is complete. Approximately 10% of homes and businesses remain in terms of gaining access to fibre/wired service through announced projects.

I'm in a project area. What happens when the project is complete?

As projects are complete or nearing completion, Bell has indicated they plan to reach out to customers by phone, door knockers and door-to-door (COVID permitting) as that is available. Local retailers will also share information once they know locations covered. Residents can check availability here. This is updated as Bell enters information and addresses into their system once work is complete and access to connections available. Our project pages will also be updated with address lists to date, as provided by Bell.

Branches/call centres may not have this information until a location is complete or nearing completion. They can then provide more information on pricing, options etc. at that time.

Visit the Eastlink contact site here.

Cross Country:
Visit the Cross Country site to check on their service area section here. You can also contact them through the site with specific questions and ask to sign up for notifications.

Mainland Telecommunications:
Visit their Support section here.

Seaside Communications:
Visit theSeaside Communications Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative page here. This page outlines the various project areas, and anticipated timelines. A Contact section is also available.

Xplore (previously Xplornet):
Xplore updates overall plan availability options on their website to include coverage for all towers as available and fibre options. You can visit contact them here or you can call 1-877-959-5717 to learn more about availability etc. They can also add you to an update list if service isn’t currently available at this time.

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