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Guysborough (COMPLETE)

Postal Code Areas: B0E, B0H

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
January 2024

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Community notes:

  • Individual addresses may have access before full project area complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.
  • Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an interim solution and learn more here.

Communities included:

Admiral Lake, Alder River, Allens Lake, Allies Run, American Harbour, Anchoring Cove, Anchoring Cove Lakes, Andrew Island, Andrew Passage, Andrews Lake, Angus Lakes, Atwater Brook, Back Cove, Bakers Island, Bald Reef, Bald Rock, Bald Rock Reef, Barrys Rock, Barse Rock, Basin Brook, Basin Lake, Basin Run, Bay Shoal, Beacon Ledges, Bear Island, Bears Big Lake, Bears Little Lake, Bears Pool, Bellamys Lake, Benoits Ledge, Berrigans Ledges, Berry Head, Betsys Beach, Betsys Point, Big Branch Lake, Big Cove, Big Island, Big Lake, Big Shoal, Bigby Head, Bills Lake, Black Duck Cove, Black Duck Island, Black Island, Black Ledge, Black Ledge Pond, Black Point, Black Pond, Black Rock, Black Rocks, Blackberry Run, Blackberry Run Lakes, Blackduck Cove, Blowdown Lake, Bluff Island, Bluff Point, Bonds Island, Bones Ledge, Bones Ledge Beach, Bonnet Lake, Bonnet Lake Barrens Wilderness Area, Bootes Bank, Boudreaus Island, Boylston, Brandy Brook, Bread Cove, Bridge Lake, Britons Shoal, Brodie Point, Brodie Rocks, Brymer Brook, Budget Rock, Bull Hill, Burns Point, Burnt Island, Butler Brook, Calf Rock, Campbell Lakes, Canso, Canso Coastal Barrens Wilderness Area, Canso Harbour, Canso Islands, Cape Canso, Cape Diamond, Cape Shoal, Carey Brook, Carr Pond, Caseys Cove, Cashins Cove, Castle Rock, Cavanaugh Lake, Cedar Ledge, Chain Lake, Chapel Gully, Charity Island, Charity Island Ledges, Charles Lake, Charlies Island, Charlos Cove, Clam Harbour Bay, Clam Harbour Beach, Clam Harbour River, Clam Pond, Clarke Island, Cliff Lake, Cole Harbour, Cole Harbour Head, Cole Harbour River, Cole Harbour Round Lake, Coles Point, Collins Pond, Cooeycoff Lake, Cooks Cove, Cooks Cove Beach, Cooks Island, Cooks Lake, Coote Rock, Corveau Rocks, Cow Lake, Cow Rock, Cow Run Pond, Cranberry Islands, Cranberry Lake, Crane Cove, Crane Lake, Creamers Cove, Creamers Point, Crooked Stillwaters, Crow Cliffs, Crow Island, Crow Island Ledges, Crow Reef, Cuddihy Lake, Cupboard Lake, Currys Lake, Currys Lake Brook, Cutler Brook, Dans Lake, Davis Island, Dead Cow Shoals, Deep Cove, Deep Pond Stillwater, Delaney Brook, Deming Island, Deming Point, DesBarres Brook, Dobsons Lake, Dogfish Point, Dogfish Rock, Doliver Cove, Doliver Point, Donahue Lake, Donovans Lake, Dorts Cove, Dorts Hollow Lake, Dorts Island, Double Farm Lake, Doughboy Ledge, Doughboy Point, Dover, Dover Basin, Dover Bay, Dover Harbour, Dover Head, Dover Island, Dover Lake, Dover Passage, Doverins Island, Doyles Lake, Duck Lake, Duffs Brook, Duffs Lakes, Durell Point, Durells Island, Durhams Point, Eagle Head, Eagle Head Rock, Earls Lake, Eastern Big Lake, Eastern Black Island, Eastern Breaker, Eastern Cove Lake, Eastern Lake, Eastern Lookout Lake, Eastern Passage, Eastern Point, Eastern Pond, Eelers Lake, Eight Mile Lake, Enchanted Valley Lakes, English Harbour, Erinville, Factory Cove, False Cove, False Passage, Farewell Harbour, Farewell Harbour Ledges, First Cow Lake, First Lake, First Stillwater, Fisherman Island, Fitzgerald Lake, Flag Hill, Flagstaff Hill, Flat Ledge, Flat Point, Floating Island Cove, Floating Island Lake, Fluid Point, Flying Point, Flying Point Cove, Fogartys Lake, Fogartys Little Lake, Fogartys Pool, Fogherty Head, Fogherty Lake, Forster Island, Fort Point, Fougere Farm Lake, Fougère Lake, Fourth Stillwater, Fox Bay, Fox Island Main, Fox Island Main Beach, Freds Lakes, French Point, Frying Pan Shoal, Gammon Islands, Gammons Basin, Gannet Point, Gaspereaux Brook, Gaspereaux Lake, Gaulman Point, George Island, Georges Harbour, Georges Rock, Ghost Cove, Glasgow Harbour, Glasgow Head, Goal Lake, Godfry Brook, Goose Lake, Gooseberry Island, Gooseneck Lake, Grady Point, Grand Étang, Grass Island, Grassy Island, Grassy Island Fort , Grassy Lake, Grassy Reef, Grave Island, Green Ledge, Green Point, Greenwood Lake, Grovers Breaker, Grovers Cove, Grovers Point, Gull Island, Gull Island Cove, Gull Lake, Gull Ledge, Gull Rock, Gully Island, Gun Cove, Gun Cove Island, Gunning Point, Guysborough Intervale, Half Island, Half Island Beach, Half Island Cove, Half Moon Lake, Halfway Cove, Halfway Cove Brook, Halfway Run Lakes, Harbour Island, Harbour Ledge, Harbour Shoal, Hardings Point, Hardwood Hill Lakes, Hardwood Lake, Hart Island, Hart Lake, Hauling Rock, Haulover Ledge, Haulover Point, Havendale, Hay Lake, Hay Marsh Lake, Hayden Lake, Hazel Hill, Hazel Hill Lake, Heffernans Cove, Hendsbee Lake, Henlines Lake, Henry Brook Third Lake, Henrys Lake, Henrys Ledge, Hog Island, Hoop Pole Hill Lake, Horne Shoal, Horseshoe Lake, Horton Brook, Hortons Cove, Howe Point, Huss Head, Hyde Brook, Hydes Lake, Hydrant Point, Ice Lake, Ice Lakes, Indian Cove, Indian Peak, Indian Rocks, Inner Fox Rocks, Inner Gull Ledge, Jamieson Back Lake, Jamieson Brook, Jamieson Front Lake, Jamieson Island, Jamieson Lakes, Jarvis Ledge, Jenkins Barren, Jenkins Barren Pond, Joes Marsh, John Davids Rock, John Gammons Point, Johns Lake, Juniper Brook, Juniper Lake, Juniper Run, Juniper Run Lakes, Kavanaughs Lake, Keef Point, Kelp Shoal, Kennedys Rock, Kings Marsh Reef, Kyak Brook, La Trappe Lake, Lac des Sauts, Lady Lake, Lamb Point, Langes Cove, Langley Shoal, Lanigan Beach, Larbord Island, Larry's River Beach, Larrys Island, Larrys Point, Larrys Reef, Larrys River, Last Lake, Lazy Head, Le Pré, Learys Shoal, Leblanc Point, Leets Brook, Lily Lake, Little Branch Lake, Little Crane Cove, Little Crane Cove Lake, Little Dobsons Lake, Little Dover (White) Island, Little Dover Run, Little Gooseberry Island, Little Harbour, Little Harbour Lake, Little Horseshoe Lake, Little Lake, Little Ledge, Little Mud Lake, Little River, Little Round Lake, Lock Point, Long Beach, Long Breaker, Long Lake, Long Ledge, Long Point, Long Point Ledges, Long Pond, Long Rocks, Long Stillwater, Longs Lake, Lookout Hill, Lookout Hill Rocky Lake, Loon Cove, Loon Point, Louis Boudreaus Lake, Louse Harbour, Louse Harbour Island, Louse Head, Lower Fall Lake, Lower Half Island Cove Beach, Lower Long Lake, Lower Sand Cove, Lower Whitehead, Lower Wood Lake, Lukemans Lake, Lumsden Shoal, Lumsdens Lake, Lundy, MacDonalds Lake, Mackerel Rock, MacPherson Lake, Madeline Point, Maguire Lake, Mahons Lake, Man of War, Manassette Lake, Maneys Breaker, Mark Lake, Mars Head, Marshall Cove, Masons Island, McAllister Brook, McKenzie Brook, Meades Point, Meadow Brook, Michaud Ledge, Middle Ground, Middle Lake, Middle Rock, Millstone Island, Minister Brook, Mink Brook, Mink Island, Monroe Point, Monroe Rock, Moose Head, Moose Lake, Moose Point, Moosehorn Lakes, Morrison Lake, Mud Cove, Mud Hole, Mud Lake, Muddy Lake, Munroes Island, Murphys Lake, Muskrat Lake, Mussel Run, Myers Lake, Neale Island, Negrowac Cove, Negrowac Lake, Net Ledge, Net Rock, Net Rocks, North Branch Salmon River, North Brook, North Intervale, North Intervale Brook, North Ogden, North Riverside, Northeast Arm, Northeast Branch, Northeast Branch Lakes, Northeast Lake, Northwest Branch, Northwest Branch Salmon River, Ogden, Oliver Island, Otter Brook, Otter Cove, Otter Lake, Otter Run, Otter Run Lakes, Paddy Ledge, Panhandle Lake, Parker Point, Passage Island, Patate Island, Pea Island, Peas Brook, Pellerins Ledge, Penaul Cove, Petitpas Lake, Pettipas Bar, Pettipas Island, Philips Harbour, Philips Head, Pigeon Island, Pilot Point, Pine Hill, Pine Hill Lakes, Pine Lake, Pink Rock, Pipe Lake, Piscatiqui Island, Poder Lake, Pond Cove, Porcupine Hill Brook, Porper Lake, Porper Point, Porper Pond, Port Felix, Port Felix Harbour, Port Howe, Port Shoreham, Portage Cove, Porter River, Poule Point, Prices Island, Priest Lake, Publicover Lake, Queensport, Queensport Beach, Ragged Head Pond, Ragged Head-Port Shoreham Beach, Ram Island, Raspberry Cove East, Raspberry Cove West, Raspberry Island, Rattrays Run, Red Head, Red Head Pond, Reynolds Brook, Richards Island, Roachvale, Rock of the Bay, Rocky Lake, Rocky Lake Brook, Rocky Lakes, Rocky Ledge, Rodmans Point, Roman Valley, Roman Valley Nature Reserve, Roman Valley River, Rook Island, Round Lake, Round Rock, Sallys Wash, Salmon Hole, Salmon Point, Salmon River, Salmon River Lake, Sampsons Rock, Sand Cove, Sand Cove Island, Sand Lake, Sandy Cove, Sandy Cove Lakes, Seal Cove, Seal Ledge, Seal Ledges, Seal Rocks, Second Cow Lake, Second Lake, Second Stillwater, Seine Berth Cove, Seven Island Lake, Shag Cove, Shag Rock Breaker, Shaw Brook, Sheep Island, Sherewink Cove, Sherewink Island, Shoal Lake, Shot Ledge, Simons Lake, Skinner Lake, Sloans Pond, Small Ledge, Smelt Brook, Smelt Lake, Smiths Brook, Smiths Lake, Snorting Rocks, Snows Island, Snyders Lake, Softwood Hill Lake, South Brook, South Shoal, Southeast Lake, Southeast Ledge, Southeaster Ledges, Southwest Lake, Southwest Pond, Southwest Pond Brook, Spears Cove, Spears Head, Spears Lake, Spinney Gully, Spinney Gully Island, Split Rock, Spry Point, Square Lake, Squid Cove, St. Francis Harbour, St. Francis Harbour River, Starling Rock, Stevens Lake, Stewart Brook, Stewart Pond, Sugar Harbour, Sugar Harbour Islands, Sugarloaf Hill, Sugarloaf Lake, Summer Harbour, Susies Lake, Swaines Lake, Tanner Island, Taylor Brook, The Basin, The Bull, The Cape, The Gap, The Goose, The Madeline, The Passage, The Rampers, The Sand Bar, The Sand Spit, The Stillwater, The Stillwaters, The Three Ponds, The Tittle, The Yankees, Theodores Island, Third Lake, Third Stillwater, Three Islands Cove, Three Mile Lake, Three Ponds Brook, Three Top Island, Tickle Island, Tickle Road, Tom Lake, Tommys Lake, Tor Bay, Tor Bay Beach, Trout Lake, Turf Bog, Turtle Rock, Twin Lakes, Two Islands, Uloths Cove, Unknown Lake, Upper Fall Lake, Upper Fox Island, Upper Long Lake, Upper Sand Cove, Upper Whitehead, Upper Wood Lake, Valentines Lake, Verges Point, Walkers Bay, Walkers Head, Walsh Brook, Walsh Island, Walsh Lake, Walshs Lake, Warrens Lake, Webber Cove, Webber Shoal, Well Point, West Beach, West Cooks Cove, Western Big Lake, Western Breaker, Western Ledge, Western Lookout Lake, Western Pond, Western Reef, Western Run, Whale Cove, Whale Island, Whale Rocks, Whistlehouse Lake, Whistler Point, White Head Island, White Islands, White Lake, Whitehead, Whitehead Harbour, Whitman Rock, Wine Cove, Winter Creek, Winter Island, Witch Cove, Witch Cove Point, Witch Island, Wood Duck Run, Woody Island, Wreck Island, Yankee Cove, Yankee Island, Yellow Marsh, Yellow Rocks, Young Lake

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