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Port Bickerton (Complete)

Postal Code Areas: B0J

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
January-March 2022

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Communities included:

Barachois Cove, Barachois Head, Barachois Shoal, Bear Point, Bickerton Island, Bickerton Little Lake, Bickerton West, Black Pond, Black Rock, Bull Bank, Calf Point, Clam Cove, Coalpile Hill Lake, Darkin Island, Eagle Hill Stillwater, Fishermans Harbour, Fishermans Harbour Lake, Flat Island, Flecks Bank, Flecks Point, Gibbs Head, Gull Ledge, Gunning Rock, Hardings Brook, Harpellville, Haulover Beach, Haulover Cove, Head of Bickerton, Holland Harbour, Indian Harbour, Indian Point, Indian River, Jacks Island, Jimmys Cove, Keizers Cove, Kissing Brook, Long Point, Long Rock, Lucas Island, Lucas Ledge, Lucas Point, Lynds Point, Mink Island, Mink Lake, Mouton Harbour, Neverfail Cove, New Found Out Lake, Normans Head, Northeast Arm, Northeast Arm Brook, Northeast Arm Stillwater, Port Bickerton, Reids Island, Reids Marsh, Reids Point, Reids Pond, Reids Timber Hill, Rudolphs Point, Sand Cove, Seal Rock, Smelt Brook, Taylors Point, The Basin, The Budget, The Doughboy, Triford Cove, Upper Bay Shoal, Watering Cove, Weavers Ledge, Weeks Pond, Wharf Point

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