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Sheet Harbour

Postal Code Areas: B0J

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
December 2023

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Community notes:

  • As of December 2023, 31 of 1030 civic addresses remain.
  • Individual addresses often have access before project area is complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.
  • Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an interim solution and learn more here.

Communities included:

Amos Island, Andersons Bluff, Andersons Trout Lake, Back Beach, Bad Luck Shoal, Bald Rock, Beaver Harbour Big Lake, Big Brook, Big Brook Lake, Big Eastern Lake, Birch Hill Lake, Black Brook, Black Lake, Blackmans Island, Blowmedown, Bluff Lake, Boutilier Island, Boutiliers Lake, Branch Basin, Bridge Lake, Bull Frog Lake, Bulls Pond, Burnt Island, Butler Lake, Camerons Island, Camp Lake, Cat Hill Lake, Church Point, Clear Head, Connors Lakes, Coombs Bay, Coombs Point, Coon Lake, Danbury Island, Deadman Island, East Gibbs Island, East Mushaboom Lake, East River Sheet Harbour, Eastern Shore Islands Wilderness Area, Factory Point, Falls Hill Lake, Fathers Head, Fish Lake, Floating Bog, Fraser Lake, Gaspereaux Lake, Geddes Cove, Grand Lake, Grand Lake Pond, Grant River, Grass Lake, Gull Island, Gull Ledge, Halfway Brook, Halls Point, Hardings Island, Hartling Lake, Head of the Lake Pool, Hemlock Hill, Hen Island, Horse Island, Horseshoe Lake, Howes Marsh, Howes Marsh Shoal, Hubleys Cove, Hubleys Island, Hurd Cove, Iron Bridge Pool, Jack Lowe Brook, Jack Lowe Lake, Jakes Lake, Kidney Lake, Killag River, Kirby River, Lawrence Lake, Ledge Rocks, Lily Lakes, Little Black Ledge, Little Falls Pool, Little Gates Island, Little Lake, Little Potato Island, Little River, Little West River, Lochaber Mines, Long Lake, Loon Island, Lower Branch Basin, MacDonalds Point, Macphee Passage, Malagash Cove, Malagash Island, Malay Falls, Malay Falls Flowage, Marinette, Markie Point, Marshall Dam, Marshall Flowage, McKiels Lake, Middle Point, Mitchell Point, Mitchells Hill, Mitchells Hill Lake, Monahan Island, Moose Hill Lake, Mosers Cove, Mud Lake, Muir Pond Bog, Munroes Lake, Murphy Cove, Murphys Lake, Mushaboom, Mushaboom Harbour, Mushaboom Lake, Muskrat Lake, Mussel Bed, Northeast Arm, Northeast Brook, Northwest Arm, Nowlan Lake, Oak Hill Lake, Olding Point, Pinemarsh Lake, Powers Cove, Pug Hole, Quartz Lake, Ragged Islands, Red Bank, Rocky Brook Lake, Rocky Lake, Rocky Lake Brook, Rocky Lake Brook Pool, Ruth Falls, Ruth Falls Flowage, Salmon Cove, Salmon Island, Sam Grassy Lake, Sam Lake, Sam Northeast Lake, Sam Northwest Lake, Schoolhouse Beach, Seal Rock, Seal Rocks, Seven Mile Stream, Sheep Island, Sheet Harbour, Sheet Harbour Lake, Sheet Harbour Passage, Sheet Rock, Slab Point, Slouchs Lakes, Smelt Brook, Sober Island, Sober Island Pond, Southwest Cove, Spectacle Lakes, Spinneys Cove, Stage Island, Stoney Brook, Storeys Lake, The Cutdown, The Gates, The Moors, Trout Lake, Twin Lakes, Two Bar Lake, Uncle Matts Ledge, Union Dam Flowage, Upper Beaver Harbour Lake, Upper Falls Hill Lake, Upper Twin Lake, Ward Point, Watering Cove, Watt Point, Watt Section, West Branch Salmon River, West Brook Pool, West Cove, West East River, West Gibbs Island, West Lake, West River Sheet Harbour, West Sheet Harbour, Western Brook, Western Islands, Westhavers Island, White Shoal, Williams Reef, Willies Head, Winters Point, Yellow Point

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