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Tangier (Complete)

Postal Code Areas: B0J

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
June 2023

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

Community notes:

  • Individual addresses often have access before project area is complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.
  • Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an interim solution and learn more here.

Communities included:

Ansteads Cove, Ass Point, Back Chain Lake, Back Cove, Back Rocky Lake, Bald Cliff, Bald Rock, Bare Rock Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lakes, Beaver Bluff, Big Bear Lake, Big Island, Big Ledge, Big Stillwater, Black Brook, Black Lake, Black Point, Black Rock, Blind Pond, Blue Mountain, Bluff Shoal, Bollong Point, Brandy Lake, Brydges Lake, Bull Beach, Bullrush Lake, Bunker Hill, Camerons Point, Camp Lake, Caps Lake, Caribou Lake, Carters Cove, Carters Point, Cartwheel Eddy, Chain Lake, Christmas Pond, Clattenburg Brook, Cliff Lake, Conrad Brook, Coopers Point, Copper Lake, Cranberry Lake, Crooked Lakes, Crooked Lakes Brook, Davidson Lake, Davison Lake, Days Hill, Devils Lake, Diamond Table Lake, Dillman Lake, Doctors Lake, Dogfish Point, Downies Island, Downies Reef, Dry Rocks, Duck Lake, Dukes Bog, Dutchtown Point, East Brook, East Bunker Hill Lake, East Little Paul Lake, East Ship Harbour, East Taylor Bay Brook, Eel Weir Pool, Elbow Lake, Eve Ledges, Falls Pool, Fern Hill, Fifth Lake, First Lake, Flat Island, Flat Island Cove, Fourth Lake, Fox Point, Fox Ponds, Garfield Lakes, Gerard Island, German Lake, Glawsons Cove, Glawsons Hill, Glawsons Little Lake, Glawsons Long Lake, Good Wood Hill Lake, Granite Lake, Grassy Lake, Gravel Island, Green Cove, Green Island, Grum Point, Gut Point, Half Island, Hamilton Lake, Harbour Island, Hardscrabble Stillwater, Hardwood Island, Hatchet Lake, Hatchet Lake Pughole, Hawbolts Farm Pool, Hemlock Lake, Hen Island, Henley Lake, Henleys Lake, Hens Pond, Hilchie Lake, Hilchies Brook, Hilchies Cove, Hog Island, Hog Island Point, Hurley Lake, Indian Hole, Indian Lake, Indian Ledge, Indian Point, Inner Baltee Island, Island Lake, Jacket Lake, Jackie Shoal, Jacksons Lake, James Cove, James Settlement, Jeans Field Point, Lake Pool, Lawler Point, Leslie Island, Lily Pond Lake, Little Bear Lake, Little Cranberry Lake, Little Hen Island, Little Lake, Little Pine Lake, Little Rocky Lake, Long Island, Long Lake, Long Pine Lake, Long Pond, MacDonald Rock, Mark Shoal, Marsh Island, Mary Island, Mason Cove, Mason Falls, Mason Point, Meadow Lake, Mercury Rock, Middle Ground, Mill Lake, Mink Island, Mink Islands, Monk Point, Moose Island, Moose Lake, Moose Pond, Mooseland, Mountain Lake, Muddy Pond, Murphy Cove, Murphys Black Duck Lake, Muskrat Pond, Mussel Island, Myers Deadwater, Newcombe Brook, Newcombe Lake, Newman Pond, Niagara Lake, North Mud Hole, Northeast Branch, O'Brien Dam Pool, O'Brien Lake, O'Brien Reef, Oak Hill Lake, Otter Lakes, Otter Trap Lake, Owen Point, Owl Lake, Pats Camp Lake, Paul Lake, Philip Lake, Phillips Boot Lake, Picket Hill, Picket Hill Lake, Pine Cove, Pine Lake, Pleasant Harbour, Popes Harbour, Popes Hill, Porcupine Lake, Prest Bog, Prest Lake, Rainy Lake, Ram Rock, Ranger Bluff, Rider Lakes, Rider Lakes Brook, Rider Lakes Pughole, River Lake, Rocky Lake Brook, Salmon Point, Saltwater Pond, Sand Cove, Seal Rock, Seal Rocks, Second Hill Lake, Second Lake, Shag Ledge, Shag Ledges, Shingle Lake, Sixth Lake, Sluice Lake, Smelt Brook, Snowshoe Lake, South Mud Hole, Southeast Cove, Southwest Cove, Southwest Hill Lake, Spectacle Lake, Spry Bay, Spry Harbour, Stave Hill Lake, Strawberry Hill, Struggle Brook, Stumpy Point, Sugarloaf, Sullivans Lake, Sunken Ledge, Tangier, Tangier Grand Lake, Tangier Grand Lake Wilderness Area, Tangier Lake, Tangier River, Taylor Bay, Taylor Bay Grand Lake, Taylor Bay Lake, Taylor Bay Long Lake, Taylor Bay Rocky Lake, The Gut, The Marsh, The Tickles, Third Lake, Three River Lake, Tickle Islands, Tiger Lake, Timber Lake, Tomlee Bay, Tomlee Head, Tomlee Rock, Tommys Lost Lake, Tuff Island, Twin Lakes, Webbs Cove, Webbs Point, Webbs Shoal, Wendells Island, West Bunker Hill Lake, West Little Paul Lake, West Taylor Bay Brook, Wildcat Lake

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