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Postal Code Areas: B0E, B2E, B2J

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
March 2024*

* Estimated completion dates are based on best information available at this time and are subject to change.

Community notes:

  • Nova Scotia Power make ready work underway.
  • As of March 2024, 276 of 811 civics remain.
  • Individual addresses may have access before full project area complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.
  • If your location is in the red zone, off a blue road and serviced by power lines, you’re expected to be served.
  • Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an interim solution and learn more here.

Communities included:

Bagnells Lake, Bagnells River, Bar Cape, Barren Hill, Barren Hill Lake, Barren Hill Lake Outlet, Black Brook, Black Point, Black Point Lake, Black River, Black River Pond, Blue Lake, Bottle Head, Burkeys Cove, Caribou River, Chapel Cove, Church Lake, Clannon Point, Clannon Pond, Colin MacRaes Lakes, Colins Cove, Colins Point, Crooked Lake, Delmars Lake, Duncans Lake, Ebens Brook, English Cove, English Pond, Ephraims Pond, Ferguson River, Fergusons Lake, Fergusons Lake Brook, Fergusons Pond, Finlayson Lake, Firmains Pond, Five Island Lake, Flat Rock, Fourchu Coast Wilderness Area, Framboise, Framboise Beach, Framboise Cove, Framboise Gut, Framboise Intervale, Framboise River, Gracieville, Grand River, Grand River Falls, Hay Hill Lake, Hay Lake, Isabelles Brook, Island Lake, Jessies Brook, Jimmy MacLeods Brook, Jones Pond, Kemps Lake, Kemps Point, Klondikes Brook, L'Archeveque, L'Archeveque Cove, L'Archeveque Lake, L'Ardoise, L'Ardoise Beach, L'Ardoise Head, L'Ardoise West, LaBelles Cape, Lac des Justes, Landrys Lake, Les Rochers, Lewis Cove Road, Little Breaker, Little Harbour, Little Harbour Pond, Little Johns Brook, Little MacLeod Lake, Little Round Lake, Lizzies Lake, Long Lake, Lower L'Ardoise, Lower Lardoise Beach, Lower Marie Joseph Lake, Lower St. Esprit, MacAskills Brook, MacAskills Lakes, MacCormicks Brook, MacDermids Lake, MacDonalds Brook, MacKay Brook, MacKay Lake, MacKay Lake Brook, MacKay Pond, MacKenzie Lake, MacKenzies Brook, MacKillop Brook, MacKillops Lake, MacKillops Pond, MacKinnons Lake, MacLeod Brook, MacLeods Brook, MacLeods Ponds, MacLeods Ponds Brook, MacLeods Stillwaters, MacQuinns Stillwaters, Mad Bull, Maddox Pond, Malcolms Meadows, Marie Joseph Brook, Marsh Brook, Martin Point, Mary Anns Brook, Mary Anns Lake, Matheson Brook, Mathesons Rock, Michaud Cove, Middle River Framboise, Millers Brook, Mombourquettes Pond, Morrisons Beach, Morrisons Brook, Murchison Brook, Murphys Brook, Murphys Pond, Muskrat Lake, Narrow Pond, North Framboise, Northeast Framboise River, Paddys Brook, Pattersons Lake, Peters Lake, Point Michaud, Point Michaud Beach, Pothier Point, Rat Lake, Rattling Brook, Red Cape, Red Head, Reids Brook, Rockdale, Rorys Pond, Salmon River, Sampsons Pond, School Lake, Schoolhouse Brook, Seal Rocks, Shag Ledge, Shaws Cove, Shaws Pond, Smelt Brook, Smiths Brook, St. Esprit, St. Esprit Beach, St. Esprit Lake, Stewarts Pond, Stinking Pond, Stirling, Strachans Brook, Taylors Brook, Three Island Cove, Upper Kelpy Cove Lake, Upper Marie Joseph Lake, Urquharts Point, West Branch of Marie Joseph Brook, Western Beach, Willow Pond

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