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Mabou (Complete)

Postal Code Areas: B0E

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
March 2023

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Community notes:

  • Some additional make ready work required.
  • Individual addresses may have access before full project area complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.
  • Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an interim solution and learn more here.

Communities included:

Allan Brook, Alpine Ridge, Beaton Point, Big Cove, Blackstone, Brook Village, Brook Village Brook, Cameron Brook, Camerons Brook, Campbell Brook, Centreville, Coal Mine Point, Elgin Brook, Finlay MacDonald Brook, Finlay Point, Gillis Brook, Glencoe, Glencoe Mills, Glendyer, Glendyer Brook, Glendyer Station, Glengarry, Glenora Falls, Goose Point, Green Point, Hawleys Hill, Hectors Brook, Hillsboro, Hughes Point, Hyannas, Indian Point, Johnny Angus Brook, Johnny Bans Ponds, Mabou, Mabou Harbour, Mabou Harbour Mountain, Mabou Harbour Mouth, Mabou Mines, Mabou Mountain, Mabou Provincial Park, Mabou River, Mabou Station, MacDonalds Glen, MacDonalds Glen Brook, MacEacherns Cove, MacFarlane Woods Nature Reserve, MacIsaacs Glen Brook, MacKinnons Brook, MacLeans Point, MacLeod Brook, MacLeod Settlement, MacNeils Brook, MacPhees Brook, MacPhees Cove, MacPhees Island, MacQuarrie Brook, McKeens Point, Melrose Hill, Mill Brook, Miramichi, Miramichi Brook, Mull River, Mullins Brook, Murphy Point, Nevada Valley, Nicholsons Island, Northeast Cove, Northeast Mabou, Northeast Mabou River, Phillips Brook, Priest Point, Rankins Brook, Rankinville, Sams Cove, Sams Point, Sheas Brook, Smithville, Southwest Mabou, Southwest Mabou River, Southwest Ridge, Southwest Ridge Brook, The Flats, The Sand Dunes, Upper Glencoe, Upper Southwest Mabou, West Mabou

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