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St. Peters

Postal Code Areas: B0E

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
December 2022-February 2023*

* Estimated completion dates are based on best information available at this time and are subject to change.

Community notes:

  • Individual addresses often have access before project area is complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.

Communities included:

Alick Island, Bishops Lake, Black Pond, Boot Lake, Brown Lake, Burkes Point, Campbells Brook, Campbells Cove, Campbells Hill, Campbells Island, Cape George, Cape George Harbour, Chapel Island, Condons Lake, Cook Lake, Cranberry Cove, Cranberry Lake, Crawley Lakes, Dam Bridge Brook, Damions Cove, Deepwater Point, Detter Creek, Dock Point, Evans Island, Evans Point, Evans Ponds, False Bay Brook, First Lake, Fougeres Cove, French Cove, Garrets Lake, Gillis Lake, Gregory Island, Hawker, Hay Cove, Indian Island, Irish Cove Nature Reserve, Joe Sampsons Island, Johnstown, Johnstown Harbour, Kelly Shoals, Kyte Lake, Little Harbour, Little Lake, Lochside, Long Lake, Macdonald Point, MacKenzies Lake, MacKenzies Pond, MacLeods Brook, MacLeods Hill, MacLeods Lake, MacMullens Pond, MacMullins Brook, MacNabs Brook, MacNabs Cove, MacNabs Island, MacNabs Lake, MacNabs Point, MacRaes Point, MacRaes Ponds, McDonald Lake, Morrison Harbour, Morrison Head, Mount Auburn, Mountain Lake, Murdocks Brook, Murdocks Point, Murray Lakes, Murrays Pond, North Pond, Oban, Olson Pond, Poor Island, Poor Point, Pringle Brook, Pringle Lake, Pringle Mountain, Red Islands, Richmond, Roberta, Rocky Lake, Rudha Mor, Sand Point, Sandy Beach, Scotch Point, Scotts River, Seaview, Second Lake, Sheep Island, Small MacNabs Cove, Soldiers Cove, Soldiers Cove Brook, Soldiers Cove Pond, South Mountain, Sporting Mountain, Stump Lake, The Pond, Thibeauville, Toms Brook, Urquharts Brook, Urquharts Pond

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