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Postal Code Areas: B0E

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
December 2023 (to reach remaining)*

* Estimated completion dates are based on best information available at this time and are subject to change.

Community notes:

  • Whycocomagh Phase 1 Complete.
  • Additional make ready work required to address items in Little Narrows and Washabuck Bridge areas. There is an outstanding crossing at a particular location on Marble Mountain Rd. as it is a feeder to a portion of the overall project area. Bell is working with partners to address.
  • These areas are anticipated to be complete October – December 2023.
  • Individual addresses may have access before full project area complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.
  • Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an interim solution and learn more here.

Communities included:

Aberdeen, Abies Brook, Ainslie Glen, Ainslie Glen Brook, Alba, Alder Brook, Allans Brook, Allans Cove, Allans Point, Argyle Brook, Ashfield, Barra Mens Cove, Bell Rock, Bell Rock Island, Big Brook, Big Harbour Centre, Big Harbour Island, Big Marsh, Birch Point, Black Charlies Lake, Black Island, Blues Brook, Blues Cove, Blues Mills, Blues Mountain Brook, Boom Island, Boom Shoal, Bornish Hill Nature Reserve, Brians Pond, Bucklaw, Cains Mountain, Calf Island, Cameron Island, Camerons Brook, Campbells Cove, Campbells Mountain, Cassells Cove, Cat Point, Chisholms Pond, Clarke Cove, Clarke Island, Clarke Point, Company Lake, Cove Brook, Cow Island, Cranberry Island, Cranberry Point, Cribwork Cove, Crooked Cove, Deep Cove, Denas Pond, Denys Basin, Donald Williams Point, Dunakin, Eagle Point, East Cove, East Skye Glen, Eden, Eel Shoal, Effies Cove, Estmere, Fergusons Brook, Fishermans Island, Fox Point, Frasers Beach, Frasers Cove, Freshwater Brook, George Island, Gillis Cove, Gillis Pond, Glen Brook, Glen Ponds, Grammo Point, Hazeldale, Heckies Cove, Hector MacLean Point, Hume Island, Humes River, Indian Cove, Indian Island, Indian Pond, Iron Mines, John MacLeans Brook, Johnson Cove, Jubilee, Kennedy Brook, Kennedys Big Brook, Kennedys Cove, Kennedys Point, Kewstoke, Kewstoke Brook, Lewis Island, Lewis Mountain, Little Beaver Lakes, Little Beaver Lakes Nature Reserve, Little Blues Brook, Little Boom, Little Ferguson Brook, Little Harbour, Little Island, Little Narrows, Livingstones Lakes, Lovett Point, Low Island, MacAskills Lake, MacDonald Cove, MacDonalds Brook, MacDonalds Cove, MacDonalds Lake, MacDonalds Point, MacDonalds Pond, MacDonalds Pond Nature Reserve, MacEacherns Point, MacInnes Brook, MacInnis Cove, MacInnis Island, MacIntosh Brook, MacIntosh Cove, MacIntosh Point, MacIver Brook, MacIver Pond, MacIvers Bank, MacIvers Point, MacKays Brook, MacKenzie Brook, MacKenzie Cove, MacKenzie Point, MacKenzies Brook, MacKenzies Point, MacKinnons Brook, MacKinnons Cove, MacKinnons Little Brook, MacLean Brook, MacLean Cove, MacLean Point, MacLeans Brook, MacLeans Cove, MacLeans Island, MacLeods Pond, MacMillan Brook, MacMillans Cove, MacMillans Point, MacPhail Brook, MacPhails Island, MacPhedrans Lake, MacPhersons Brook, MacRaes Brook, MacRaes Cove, MacRaes Island, MacRaes Lakes, MacRitchies Brook, MacRitchies Brook Nature Reserve, MacRitchies Cove, MacRitchies Point, MacRitchies Southside Cove, MacSweens Brook, Mahoneys Point, Malagawatch, Malagawatch Harbour, Malcolms Cove, Marble Mountain, Martins Cove, Martins Island, Martins Point, Mary Harper Nature Reserve, Mathesons Island, McAskill Brook, McIntyre Brook, McLennan Brook, Melford, Militia Point, Mill Brook, Morleys Brook, Morrison Brook, Morrison Cove, Morrisons Cove, Morrisons Pond, Mullach Brook, Murdoch MacLeans Brook, Myles Doyle Falls, Neilys Point, Nineveh, Noel Point, North Basin, North Mountain, North Side Whycocomagh Bay, Northside Mountain, Orangedale, Orangedale East, Oyster Creek, Pellier Harbour, Peters Brook, Peters Point, Pipers Cove, Pistol Island, Plaster Island, Plaster Ponds, Pooles Brook, Pooles Pond, Portage Creek, Rear Estmere, River Denys, River Denys Centre, River Denys Station, Rook Island, Rorys Cove, Roseburn, Rosedale, Ross Brook, Ross Cove, Round Island, Salt Mountain, School Bridge Brook, Seal Cove, Seal Cove Nature Reserve, Shallop Island, Sheep Island, Skye Glen, Skye Mountain, Soapstone Mine, South Cove, South Lake Ainslie, South Side Basin of River Denys, South Side River Denys, South Side Whycocomagh Bay, South Trout Brook, St. Patricks Channel, Stewartdale, Stoney Point, Stumpy Cove, The Boom, Upper River Denys, Valley Mills, Victoria Line, Washabuck Bridge, West Alba, West Cove, Whycocomagh, Whycocomagh Bay, Whycocomagh Mountain, Whycocomagh Portage, Wide Cove, Widows Point, Wilburn


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