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Shelburne (Complete)

Postal Code Areas: B0T

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
February 2021

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Communities included:

Abundance Rock, Ackers Brook, Alvins Lake, Alvins Lake Brook, Back Lake, Barrack Cove, Basin Falls, Beaverdam Lake, Berrys Bay, Big Eddy, Big Ledge, Birchtown, Birchtown Bay, Birchtown Brook, Burnt Head, Carleton Village, Carleton Village Shore, Church Hill, Churchover, Churchover Lakes, Clarks Cove, Clarks Island, Clyde River Beaver Pond, Cobbs Scutch Falls, Conrads Point, Courtneys Lake, Courtneys Lake Brook, Cranes Point, Dahls Point, Deception Lake, Demings Island, Dexter Lake, Dexter Lake Brook, Dumpling Ridge, Dung Cove, Dunns Rock, East Branch, Eastern Way, Enslows Point, Evelyns Rock, Fort Point, Fort Rock, Fox Bar, Fresh Pond, Front Harbour, Government Point, Green Bunch Meadow, Green Island, Gunning Cove, Hartz Point, Hemlock Creek, Hemlock Island, Hemlock Island Falls, Indian Creek, Isaac Ackers Point, Jones Lake, Jordan Bay, Jordan Ferry, Jordan Point, Josies Islands, Kenney Island, Kens Brook, Little Beech Hill, Lockes Island, Long Beach, Long Bridge Brook, Long Shoals, Lower Jordan Bay, Lower Ohio, Lower Sandy Point, MacCourtreys Barrens, Mackerel Rock, Mahaney Creek, Marks Brook, McKay Lakes, McLean Island, Middle Clyde Falls, Middle Clyde River, Middle Ledge, Middle Ohio, Middle Rock, Nicholson Island, North Churchover Lake, Oak Hill, Oak Hill Brook, Old Bridge Falls, Pauls Cove, Philip Lake, Pierces Beach, Pompee Point, Reids Hill, Roseway, Roseway Beach, Roseway Harbour, Roseway River Wilderness Area, Round Bay River, Round Shoal, Ryers Lake, Ryers Rip, Salmon Creek, Salt Pond, Sandy Point, Sandy Point Brook, Sandys Island, Sea Dogs, Seal Ledges, Seal Rocks, Sheep Bar, Sheep Bar Cove, Shelburne Harbour, Shepherds Island, Soldiers Ledge, South Churchover Lake, South Churchover Lake Brook, Stillwater Meadow, Stokes Brook, Stokes Head, Stoney Point, Sucker Creek, Sunken Ledge, Surf Point, Tea Chest Island, The Bar, The Basin, The Elbow, The Guzzle, The Horseshoe, The Hummock, The Islands Provincial Park, The Sisters, Turtle Creek, Upper Clyde River, Upper Island Bay, Upper Ledge, Upper Ohio, Wallaces Point, Welshtown, Welshtown Lake, West Branch, West Branch Shoals, Western Way, Wharf Rock

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