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Prospect Road (Complete)

Postal Code Areas: B3Z

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
January 2021

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

Communities included:

Back Cove, Barnframe Lake, Bayside, Big Bridge Bog, Big Deep Cove, Big Island, Big Lake, Black Duck Run, Black Point, Blind Bay, Bluff Head, Bobbys Ledge, Browns Bank, Burying Head, Callaghans Cove, Cannon Rock, Christians Gut, Christians Island, Clarkes Island, Cobblers Point, Cochrans Island, Coote Island, Deadmans Beach, Deep Cove, Deep Cove Brook, Doyles Island, Doyles Point, Dutchman Cove, East Dover, Eastern Island, Eastern Lake, Eastern Narrows, Faders Cove, Family Island, Flat Island, Fox Den, Halfway Point, Hen Island, High Island Pond, Kays Rock, Kileys Cove, Kileys Head, Leary Cove, Little Deep Cove, Lower Pond, Marys Island, McGraths Cove, Middle Ground, Murphys Lake, Myra Cove, Myras Beach, Nine Mile River, Northern Arm, Northwest Cove, Northwest Head, Otter Island, Pig Island, Reach Hill, Red Bank, Round Island, Round Rock, Ryans Point, Sams Run, Sand Cove, Sand Cove Head, Sand Cove Head Shoal, Scott Point, Scotts River, Simmons Bog, Southwest Cove, Spectacle Cove, The Narrows, The Peninsula, Thrumcap, Tims Island, Turf Island, Upper Pond, Welsh Brook, Welsh Lake, Whistlers Cove

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