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Port Dufferin (complete)

Postal Code Areas: B0J

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
June 2023

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Community notes:

  • Individual addresses have access before project area is complete.
  • Addresses with access to date will be posted here, as available.
  • If your location is in the red zone, off a blue road and serviced by power lines, you’re expected to be served.
  • Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an interim solution and learn more here.

Communities included:

Alex Cove, Andersons Back Shore, Andersons Cove, Atkins Point, Back Cove, Back Shore, Balcom Island, Balcom Shoal, Bar Island, Barkhouse Settlement, Battery Island, Bay of Islands, Beaver Harbour, Beaver Point, Beeswangers Point, Big Barren Cove, Big Rocky Island, Bluff Head, Boat Cove, Breading Point, Brimstone Head, Bulls Cove, Careys Point, Church Point, Deep Cove, Dry Shoal, East Quoddy, Eastern Cove, Eel Brook, Englehutts Cove, Englehutts Falls, Factory Cove, First Lake, Flag Island, Gammons Creek, Gammons Pond, Gander Rock, Goose Pond, Green Lake, Hardwood Island, Harrigan Cove, Hartlings Creek, Hartlings Pond, Hawbolt Beach, Hawbolt Point, Hawbolts Cove, High Island Ledges, Hog Island, Indian Point, Jewers Cove, John Warrens Camp Island, Johnnys Cove, Kirkers Falls, Kirkers Pond, Lily Pond, Little Hog Island, Little Island, Little Rocky Island, Lobster Island, Long Point, Lower Falls Pool, MacDonalds Cove, Macleod Cove, Macleod Island, Macleod Point, Marsh Cove, Mink Island, Moser Pond, Owens Point, Paul Morris Lake, Pauls Island, Port Dufferin, Port Dufferin West, Pot Point, Quoddy Harbour, Quoddy Head, Quoddy Hill, Quoddy River, Rocky Brook, Rocky Point, Salmon Hole, Salmon River, Sandy Island, Seal Rocks, Second Lake, Shiers Pond, Smileys Point, Smiths Island, Smiths Point, Snow Island, Snows Cove, Spider Island, Stewarts Island, Talbots Point, The Bar, The Bridges Pool, The Ledge, The Turnip Patch, Toms Pond, Turner Island, Upper Falls Pool, Upper Salmon Hole, Voglers Island, West Quoddy, Whale Rock, Whitman Ledge

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