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Dingwall (Complete)

Postal Code Areas: B0C

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
April 2021

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Communities included:

Archies Brook, Aspy Bay, Bay Road Valley, Bay St. Lawrence, Big Intervale, Big Intervale Cape North, Black Head, Black Head Cove, Black Lake, Black Point, Black Point Brook, Burnt Head, Burnt Head Cove, Burtons Pond, Cabot's Landing Provincial Park, Cape North, Capstick, Carters Island, Cat Island, Coffins Point, Cornelius Head, Cranberry Marsh Island, Crawleys Brook, Daisleys Island, Deadmans Pond, Dees Island, Dingwall, Dingwall Harbour, Donalds Island, Duggans Cove, Effies Brook, French Gulch, Glasgow Brook, Grassy Point, Grays Hollow, Grays Hollow Brook, Griffins Lake, Halibut Head, Haystack Cove, Johns Brook, Jumping Brook, Lead Island, Lily Pond, Lily Pond Beach, Line Brook, Little Round Lake, Maloneys Island, Middle Aspy River, Middle Brook, Middle Harbour, Middle Harbour Beach, Morrisons Lake, North Aspy River, North Aspy River North Branch, North Aspy River South Branch, North Branch Brook, North Harbour, North Harbour Beach, North Harbour Breaker, Pats Point, Peters Brook, Phils Brook, Pollys Brook, Ramseys Cove, Ramseys Island, Rorys Brook, Salmon River, Sams Mountain, Scotch Cove, Scotch Head, Shag Rock, Sheep Island, Smelt Brook, Smelt Brook Cove, Smelt Brook Shore, South Aspy River, South Harbour, South Harbour Beach, Southwest Branch Brook, Spring Brook, Spruce Point, St. Margaret Village, Stave Point, Sugar Loaf, Sunrise, The Old Man, The Old Woman, Theodore Fricker Mountain, Tongue Brook, Whiskey Den Brook, White Point, Wilkie Brook, Wilkie Sugar Loaf, Wreck Cove, Wreck Cove Brook, Yellow Head, Yellow Head Cove, Yellow Plaster Head, Zwicker Brook

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