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Lockport (Complete)

Postal Code Areas: B0T

Bell Canada
Fibre to home/business
Anticipated Completion:
December 2020

Note: Some addresses may not have been entered into Bell’s Customer Service Centre, at time of update.

If you do not see your address listed and are unserved or underserved for high-speed Internet, please email

Communities included:

Alicks Rock, Allendale, Ambers Island, Back Harbour, Bangays Hole, Beaverdam Pond, Benham Island, Bills Cove, Black Point, Black Point Ledges, Brig Georges Ledge, Bruce Island, Bull Island, Carters Island, Clam Island, Collupy Rock, Cottmans Rock, Cove Rock, Craigs Island, Cranberry Island, Crescent Beach, Days Point, Douglas Island, Dumpling Rock, East Green Harbour, East Jordan, East River, East Side of Ragged Island, Egg Beach, Firth Island, Fox Island, Georges Rock, Gids Ledge, Gooseberry Island, Green Harbour, Halibut Tail Shoal, Hardys Millpond, Haystack Head, Hemeons Head, Hughes Island, Jaw Lock, Jenkins Head, Jenkins Island, Jobs Pond, John Island, Jordan River, Laurier Rock, Lily Pond, Little Harbour, Locke Island, Locke Point, Lockeport, Lockeport Harbour, Long Beach, Long Beach Pond, Louis Head, Louis Head Beach, Lower Wharf Rock, Lydgate, MacKays Island, Mad Rocks, Malcolms Cove, McKay Rock, Middle Ground, Mink Island, Oak Point, Ogdens Creek, Osborne Harbour, Pattersons Point, Peppers Rock, Pleasant Point, Pond Cove, Potato Island, Reuben Meisners Brook, Roaches Cove, Robs Lake, Rockland, Rood Head, Rood Head Breaker, Round Island, Round Rock, Sams Point, Sams Rock, Sarah Lees Point, Sperrys Point, Stephens Cove, Stephens Island, Stewarts Brook, Sugar Loaf Island, Swims Iceponds, The Anchorage, The Bog, The Doughboy, The Marsh, The Marsh Bar, The Sisters, Thrum Cap, Thrum Rock, Thrumcap Ledge, Townsends Harbour, Upper Wharf Rock, Walls Brook, Walls Stillwater, West Green Harbour, West Middle Sable, West River, Western Extension Brook, Western Head, Williams Island

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