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Homes/Businesses will have New Access
$  M
NS Internet Trust Investment
Xplore (previously Xplornet)
Service Provider
Fibre to home/business, Fixed Wireless
Connection Technology

Communities in this zone

If you don’t see your home or community in projects listed to date, please know we will be looking at next steps to extend service to remaining communities and will continue to provide updates here as they are available. We remain committed to cover as close to 100% of Nova Scotian homes and businesses as possible.

Cumberland & Colchester Counties - Xplore Project (previously Xplornet)

Postal Code Areas: B0K, B0L, B0M, B0N, B2N, B4H, B6L

Fibre to home/business
Signal off a tower
Anticipated Completion:
* December 2024*

* Estimated completion dates are based on best information available at this time and are subject to change.

Community notes:

Through this project, Xplore is providing access to approximately 16,000 unserved homes and businesses in Cumberland and Colchester counties through fixed high-speed wireless which is now complete. See the fixed wireless coverage map below.

*Xplore is also working to bring a fibre to the home project to some communities which will further enhance the network for many. The estimated completion timeline for the hybrid fibre project is December 2024 with some having access before the estimated completion date. See anticipated coverage area maps below. Check here to see if fibre is currently available at your location if you are in anticipated area. If you are in a fibre area, you can choose to switch to from fixed wireless once available.

Xplore updates overall plan availability options on their website to include coverage for all towers as available and fibre options. You can contact them here or you can call them at 1-877-959-5717 to learn more about availability at your location. They can also add you to an update list if service isn’t currently available at this time.

Please check for Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program eligibility as an option for those who can't be reached through a fixed wireless or fibre service or who may have purchased the service before fixed wireless/fibre was available. Learn more here.

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Please use the link below to reach out to our team. If you are reaching out about a project or potential project in your area, please include your full address, community and postal code.

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